Person using phone

Quick take - Easy CMS editing from a phone? No problem with Sanity

Sanity studio is great at editing from your phone!

I've only tried using a CMS from my phone once before and it was pretty miserable. I decided to try again today with Sanity as I was away from my laptop and wanting to edit. My original thought was to just use a markdown editor and then copy the content over later. Then it occurred to me that I might be able to use the Studio directly. Worked like a charm. Responsive layout of Studio made it easy to navigate and I didn't find myself frustrated or missing any functionality from the desktop version.

And I'm not just talking about writing/editing a post. I was able to trigger my netlify build as well to update my Gatsby site.

Maybe other CMSs have figured this out too, and everyone will give a collective yawn. Or maybe this is pretty slick.

Which makes me ask - what is the proper way to write the plural version of CMS?