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My brand new blog powered by

Welcome to my new blog!

What just happened?

I have just added a new repository to my GitHub account. There I have all the code for this blog’s frontend made with Gatsby and Sanity Studio, the environment where I will be editing my content. They are deployed on Netlify. So everything is ready for me to get started with blogging! I can even edit content and use the Netlify widget on the Studio’s dashboard to deploy new changes to the web. lets me work with structured content. That means I can add more content types. Who knows, I might add my portfolio, maybe a podcast, some products that I need to market, or my poetry collection (that I totally have)! I can even connect other frontends to my Sanity project when I find that new framework I just need to try out.

But firstly, how could I make this blog my own special place on the internet?

I should probably check out the tutorial videos on how to get started with customizing both the content schema and the frontend accordingly. I'm sure I'll find them on the dashboard in the Studio.

There's plenty of cool things I could explore:

And if I get stuck, I could always seek help in the friendly developer community.

Note: This is the canned welcome blog post Sanity provides as part of it's starter, but I like it so I'm leaving it in place.